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Jaganmohan Palace and Art gallery

Jaganmohan Palace is a palace in Mysore. It was initially used as home of Wodeyars, Kings of Mysore. Later it was converted into an art gallery. It also has an auditorium which is used for  Music and dance performances.  The art gallery known as Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery.

History of Jaganmohan Palace

Jaganmohan Palace was constructed by the King  Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar in the year 1861. This palace was used as an alternate home for the royal family.  The Mysore Palace was the original home of the Wodeyars. It was burnt down in fire and the new construction was started in the year 1897. It was completed in the year 1912.  Jaganmohan Palace was used by the Wodeyars (Kings of Mysore) as home up to 1912.  In the year 1915 , Jaganmohan Palace was converted into an art gallery.  In the year 1955 it was renamed in the name of Sri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar as Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery.  Sri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar converted this palace into a trust and opened it for public viewing.

Architecture: Jaganmohan Palace is built in traditional Hindu Style. It is a three storied building. Interior walls of the palace are painted with murals. These murals follow Mysore school of painting.

Art Gallery: It has the largest collection of artefacts.  It has more than 2000 paintings which belong to different Indian styles of paintings like Mysore, Mughal and Shantiniketan.  Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar donated 16 paintings of Raja Ravivarma to this gallery.  Other prominent painters whose works are exhibited here are Ravindranath Tagore, Nikolas Roerich, Svetoslav Roerich and a British army Officer Col. Scot.
The gallery has largest collection of musical instruments, brass ware, antiques, coins, currencies, weapons of war and other very interesting things.
Auditorium: Jaganmohan Palace has an auditorium which is used for Music, Dance and cultural programmes.

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