Nanjanagud-Srikanteshwara Temple-Shaiva center

Nanjanagud is an important pilgrimage centre. It is on the banks of River Kapila.  Nanjanagud is famous for Srikanteswara Temple. It is also called as “Dakshina Kashi” (Kashi of South India). It is located 25km from Mysore.

It is a major Shaiva centre from more than 1000 years. The Srikanteshwara temple was built in the period of Ganga kingdom (325-1000 CE) in the 9th century. Then it was renovated by Hoysala kings.

Getting there: It is 25km from Mysore which can be reached either road or rail. From Bangalore it is about 160km.

Temple timings: 6am to1.30pm and 4pm to 9pm

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